Free power from the sun. Solar Power is our future and helps the environment today by providing free solar power for everyone.

Free power from Solar Cells and Solar Panels

Solar Electricity Generation

Electricity is generated from the sun using solar power from silicon solar cells or Photovoltaics (called PV). Photovoltaics are the main source of electricity generation for small and medium-sized applications, from a tiny solar cell in a calculator to a home power plant using arrays of solar panels for light and power. For large-scale generation, concentrating arrays of many solar panels are becoming more common with multi-megawatt PV plants now being built.

Thermal Solar Panels

Solar thermal applications are the most widely used applications of solar energy technology. Thermal solar technologies use heat from the sun for water and space heating, ventilation, industrial process heat, cooking, water distillation and disinfect ion, plus many other applications.

Progress of Solar Power

Solar energy technologies are being used more and more to harness the sun's energy for all types of uses. Solar technologies date from the early Greeks, Native Americans and Chinese, who warmed buildings by facing them toward the sun. Today solar technologies provide heating, lighting, electricity and even space flight.

Benefits of Solar

There are many benefits from harnessing solar energy. From residential solar hot water, commercial and industrial heating, agricultural water pumping and transportation sectors with hybrid vehicles becoming available. Solar energy is used to produce food, heat, light and electricity. The flexibility of solar energy is evident in a wide variety of technologies such as cars, calculators, remote area power, and more.

What Solar Power Provides

Solar energy is energy direct from the Sun. This energy from the sun drives the climate, weather and supports life on Earth. The heat and light from the sun, used with other solar-based resources such as wind and wave power, hydroelectricity and biomass, provide most of the available renewable energy used today.